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Name Questor
Availability Starter
Voice Actor Indy Neidell

The Elf is one of the Classes available in Gauntlet.


Taking swift aim with his BOW and ARROWS, Questor’s quick feet and sharpshooting skills make him a formidable ranged attacker. Questor can release a volley of arrows upon the monster hordes, charge up a single arrow for a lethal shot, or use explosive tipped arrows to clear out a pocket of attackers! The elf can also utilize a rolling tumble to quickly dodge attacks and the various traps that litter the dungeons.

Personality and Background

Questor the Elf fills the staple 'Elf' or 'Ranger' class found in most Gauntlet games. Driven by a lust for gold and a more well hidden sense of adventure he joins the other heroes in the Gauntlet. He isn't very serious, making jokes and snarky comments throughout the entire adventure. He is not above cheating as he once was willing to walk away from the final boss fight if provided the promised gold.

Questor seems to posses a fleeting knowledge of the fourth wall. Besides quoting 'With great power comes great responsibility' from Spiderman and playing it off as 'an old elvish saying', he can be caught saying, "Where am I? Oh right, Gauntlet!" upon returning from death. Questor is also the only one to reference characters in the Gauntlet universe that cannot be found inside the Gauntlet itself. Such characters include Sven, who Questor seems to have lent 10 gold coins to, and Bellik, who runs a sauna.


With the rework weapons were given their own unique abilities, some weapons were added and some removed. Here follows an up-to-date list of weapons in-game for the Elf.

Icon Name Cost Description Ability
Questor's Bow.jpg Questor's Bow NA Questor won this bow in a bet with with a Satyr. Questor cheated, but the Satyr had probably stolen the bow from an Elf anyway, so... Magic Bomb / Explosive Shot
Bow of the Deep woods.png Bow of the Deep Woods 16,000 Wrought from a cursed Willow, this bow writhes with ancient magic. Root Field / Root Shot / Piercing Arrows
Shadowstrike.jpg Shadowstrike 30,000 This bow belonged to Maugan, the unseen, an assassin operating the realms of Rendar. Smoke Bomb / Shadow Shot
The Messenger.jpg The Messenger 41,000 This type of bow is used by the Iron Branches, a separatist group aggressively defending the elven homelands. Vault Shot / Mortar Shot
Gohlag's Remains.jpg Gohlag's Remains NA Fashioned from the bones of Gohlag the Beastruler, this bow was long in the possession of Gerok the Beastmaster, who was slain at the battle of Crag Peak by Rulehk, the Beastmonger. Magic Bomb / Explosive Shot


Icon Name Cost Description Use
Tal-QuestorsFirstArrowhead.png Questor's First Arrowhead N/A This is the first arrowhead that Questor ever made.
Ultimate Arrow
Ultimate Arrow.png
A powerful shot that pierces through anything, dealing massive damage.
Tal-EnchantedWillowBranch.png Enchanted Willow Branch Gold Icon.png 75,000 The willow tree to the elves symbolizes the resistance against the outer world. In the deepest forests there are forces who would destroy any outsider rather than risking corruption.
Spirit Guardians
Spirit Guardians.png
Summons three forest spirits that circle around the Elf, damaging any enemy they touch.
Tal-DryadsFlute.png Dryad's Flute Gold Icon.png 100,000 The song of the dryad is a mysterious thing, playing tricks with your mind.
Dryad's Song
Dryad's Song.png
Heals Allies and Hides them from enemies for a duration.

Appearance: Head

Icon Name Cost Description
Questor's Hood.jpg Questor's Hood NA Questor likes to hide his face when traveling among humans, so as to not draw too much attention to himself.
Rogue Mask.jpg Rogue Mask 50,000 There is a legend among elves about a lone invidual known as "The Wanderer" who fights injustice wherever it may show itself. This masked vigilante is said to steal from the rich and invest the money promising small business ventures.
Iron Branch Mask.jpg Iron Branch Mask 50,000 The Iron Branches can be recognized by their iron masks, a symbol of crude savagery amongst elves.
Sentinel's Gaze.jpg Sentinel's Gaze 50,000 The hawk helm of the Sentinels snipers is a symbol of great markmanship.

Appearance: Body

Icon Name Cost Description
Questor's Cape.jpg Questor's Cape NA Questing around the countryside is hard work and wearing good, warm clothing is important. Jumping around and rolling while wearing a cape is harder than it looks, though.
Iron Branch Cloak.jpg Iron Branch Cloak 80,000 As with all Iron Branch equipment, the "iron" details are usually just darkened mithril, since among elves, it is easier to come across and much lighter to carry.
Sentinel's Guard.jpg Sentinel's Guard 80,000 The Aeria clan name their snipers 'The Sentinels' as a reminder that no matter what you do or where you're trying to hide, they will see you.

Removed Equipment

Icon Name Cost Description
Heartseeker.jpg Heartseeker 64,000 The Aeria clan remain the biggest military force in the elven forests.
Questor's Boots.jpg Questor's Boots NA These boots are part of Questor's casual questing gear.
Iron Branch Greaves.jpg Iron Branch Greaves 6,000 The official brand Iron Branch Greaves. As comfortable as any Elven-made boots.
Sentinel's Runners.jpg Sentinel's Runners 12,000 The Sentinels wear uncharacteristically heavy armor for being elves.