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Sinister Sentience
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Class: Wizard
Cost: 64000
Description: Some tomes are best left unopened. This one actually bites.

Sinister Sentience is one of the Loadouts available in Gauntlet.

It substitutes the Wizard's Ice skills with three other spells from the Demon School.

Replaced Spells

Ice Beam (Ice + Ice) is replaced with Hellfire.

-Hellfire is a channeled spell that creates a small circular area of fire in front of the wizard. It does a low-moderate amount of damage, has a slow casting speed and a very slow turn rate.

Flash Freeze (Ice + Fire) is replaced with Searing Blast.

-Searing Blast is a cone-shaped fire attack that does high damage and ignites enemies. It has moderate range and roughly a 45 degree attack angle, as well as a 6-7 second cooldown time.

Orb of Winter (Ice + Lightning) is replaced with Burning Orb.

-Burning Orb is a projectile that is travels slowly and then stops. It then starts pulsing roughly every 2 seconds, doing damage in a moderate sized circle around itself. Enemies that touch the orb while it is traveling are ignited, but once the orb stops it will no longer ignite enemies. The orb pulses a total of 6 times, doing light damage each time. It has a roughly 20 second cooldown time.

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