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Talismans are loadout options used to grant various powerful abilities that are fueled by potions. Unlike relics, each talisman is unique to its respective class, and while every class has three talisman available to it, only one may be worn at a time.


Icon Name Cost Description Use
Thor's Crummy Necklace.png Thor's Crummy Necklace N/A Thor has made a hobby out of creating things with his bare hands. When they're not busy killing things that is.
Throw the potion like a grenade. What else would you do with it?
Bottomless Jug.png Bottomless Jug Gold Icon.png 75,000 This was awarded to Thor as second price in a Turkey-eating competition. That stupid Harkan won again, but only because he cheated!
Manifest Hunger
Manifest Hunger.png
Turns enemies into living food
The Prize.png The Prize Gold Icon.png 100,000 This is the proof that Thor is the best. At least when it comes to winning arena-related competitions.
More of Thor
More of Thor.png
Grow bigger, increasing damage and becoming invulnerable. More Thor for everyone!


Icon Name Cost Description Use
Thyra's Vow.png Thyra's Vow N/A Thyra's locket, reminding her of her true purpose. The inscription on the inside says "Laurel".
Righteous Retribution
Righteous Retribution.png
An immensely powerful slash to bring justice to the wicked
Guardian Symbol.png Guardian Symbol Gold Icon.png 75,000 An ancient symbol, representing the protective powers of the divine shield.
Divine Aegis
Divine Aegis.png
Makes all Allies invulnerable to most damage.
Mark of the Commander.png Mark of the Commander Gold Icon.png 100,000 Valhallan Commander's Mark, once granted to the leaders of the Valkyrian troops.
Summon Valkyries
Summon Valkyries.png
Summons 3 Valkyries to fight for you.


Icon Name Cost Description Use
Merlin's Bookmark.png Merlin's Bookmark N/A Merlin's multi-page bookmark has become something of a lucky charm for him, and it lets him quickly find the pages for his power runes.
Arcane Blast
Arcane Blast.png
An instant burst of arcane energies around the Wizard
Active Magicite.png Active Magicite Gold Icon.png 85,000 This strange transmutation rock might not rightfully belong to Merlin, but none of the buffoons at the reliquary would understand its true potential anyway.
Transmutes lesser enemies into random items
Mercury Vial.png Mercury Vial Gold Icon.png 85,000 Mercury is a substance commonly utilized by the mages of Rendar, often used as a reagent to raise powerful protective barriers during volatile experiments.
Conjures a magical shield that keeps enemies out


Icon Name Cost Description Use
Tal-QuestorsFirstArrowhead.png Questor's First Arrowhead N/A This is the first arrowhead that Questor ever made.
Ultimate Arrow
Ultimate Arrow.png
A powerful shot that pierces through anything, dealing massive damage.
Tal-EnchantedWillowBranch.png Enchanted Willow Branch Gold Icon.png 75,000 The willow tree to the elves symbolizes the resistance against the outer world. In the deepest forests there are forces who would destroy any outsider rather than risking corruption.
Spirit Guardians
Spirit Guardians.png
Summons three forest spirits that circle around the Elf, damaging any enemy they touch.
Tal-DryadsFlute.png Dryad's Flute Gold Icon.png 100,000 The song of the dryad is a mysterious thing, playing tricks with your mind.
Dryad's Song
Dryad's Song.png
Heals Allies and Hides them from enemies for a duration.


Icon Name Cost Description Use
Lilith's Heart.png Lilith's Heart N/A Lilith's Heart is very important to her. Even more so since she impaled it on a spike and started using it to channel her vampiric powers.
Dark Hunger
Dark Hunger.png
Steal health from enemies around you, while slowing them
Dream Catcher.png Dream Catcher Gold Icon.png 75,666 This construction works to trap evil spirits within it. It also works fairly well to let said evil spirits out again when needed.
Dark Remnant
Dark Remnant.png
Creates a Dark Remnant that forces enemies to attack it. When destroyed it explodes, damaging all enemies around it.
Reaper Charm.png Reaper Charm Gold Icon.png 100,666 Lilith stole this from the swirling manifestation of a Monthra demon. It is said to posses the power to pull mortals' souls back from the realm of the dead.
Revive the Hero that has been dead the longest