Talismans: Wizard

Icon Name Cost Description Use
Merlin's Bookmark.png
Merlin's Bookmark N/A Merlin's multi-page bookmark has become something of a lucky charm for him, and it lets him quickly find the pages for his power runes.
Arcane Blast
Arcane Blast.png
An instant burst of arcane energies around the Wizard
Active Magicite.png
Active Magicite Gold Icon.png 85,000 This strange transmutation rock might not rightfully belong to Merlin, but none of the buffoons at the reliquary would understand its true potential anyway.
Transmutes lesser enemies into random items
Mercury Vial.png
Mercury Vial Gold Icon.png 85,000 Mercury is a substance commonly utilized by the mages of Rendar, often used as a reagent to raise powerful protective barriers during volatile experiments.
Conjures a magical shield that keeps enemies out
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