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The Hollow Chapters
The Hollow Chapters.jpg
Class: Wizard
Cost: 16000
Description: It is said that each time one reads from the Hollow Chapters, a portion of one's soul is left behind, forever lost within the faded pages.

The Hollow Chapters is one of the Loadouts available in Gauntlet.

It substitutes the Wizard's Lightning skills with three other spells from the Void School.

Replaced Spells

Thunderburst (Lightning + Fire) is replaced with Vacuum.

-Vacuum takes all of the mobile enemies (ones that aren't spawning towers) in a set area near the Wizard and brings them all into a small area in front of the Wizard. However, the larger enemies on the edge of the radius tend to overshoot, sending them away past the vacuum. The vacuum does no damage at all.

Chain Lightning (Lightning + Ice) is replaced with Dark Torrent.

-Dark Torrent is a flamethrower-like ability which shoots red and black fire in a cone with an extremely high turn rate and insanely low cast speed that slows any enemies in its cone-like spread. Visually, the cone is about 110-120 degrees. It also has an incredibly low rate of damage.

Static Sphere (Lightning + Lightning) is replaced with Invisibility.

-Invisibility instantly de-aggroes all enemies from the Wizard as well as providing the wizard with temporary invisibility. This, however, does not provide the Wizard with any immunity or invulnerability except to Death Incarnate (as does any other form of invisibility).

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