The Spawn of Kerthuul

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The Spawn of Kerthuul
The Spawn of Kerthuul.jpg
Class: Wizard
Cost: NA
Description: A mantle crafted from the slain bodies of nightmarish creatures. Historical writing suggest these creatures to be the underlings of the greater demon, Kerthuul.

The Spawn of Kerthuul is one of the Loadouts available in Gauntlet.

  • Promotional art for this item listed the name as Kerthull, but when the game released it had been renamed Kerthuul.
  • Gauntlet's original planned release date was September 3rd, 2014. When it was delayed for fine tuning until the 23rd, the developers announced they would offer this item to all players who had pre-ordered the game as a reward for their patience.
  • Currently, this item is given to players who buy Gauntlet from EB Games in Australia.


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